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Improve caching and performance
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Jun 19 2023, 8:56 PM
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Jun 19 2023, 8:56 PM
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Jun 19 2023, 8:56 PM
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Jun 19 2023, 8:56 PM
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Jun 19 2023, 8:56 PM


We're currently using Ezoic Leap to cache all of our content, but this could be better, and we are failing Core Web Vitals on mobile—we often pass on Desktop, but are failing on Mobile and this is a real issue we need to solve to see if it can boost SEO and SERP Rankings. We'll use Telepedia and New Qualitipedia as an example throughout.

NQW.png (382 KB)
NQW Mobile.png (250 KB)

Above are the results for New Qualitipedia, as can be seen, we're almost at 100 for Desktop but only 39 for Mobile. Below are the same for, where the same is echoed.

TP.png (612 KB)
TP Wiki.png (405 KB)

We should investigate whether or not changing the default skin on Mobile affects the insights, it may be that we can use a different skin, such as Vector-2022 on Mobile to mitigate the issues; we should also look at reducing some of the render-blocking items that are causing the issue.