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September Platform Updates

Written by OriginalAuthority on Sep 9 2023, 12:27 AM.

It's been a while since Telepedia became Telepedia, and the platform moved to a new server, and I just wanted to explain a few things; mostly, it will probably answer some questions about advertisements, and also about some issues users may have been seeing over the past couple of days.


Server Upgrade/Maintenance

Written by OriginalAuthority on Jan 26 2023, 3:06 AM.

There have been a lot of changes at Telepedia over the last couple of months. We migrated from the 'whiki.online' domain and saw massive increases in traffic following this, and our SERP rankings for certain wikis have increased massively as a result of the domain change. In comparison with December of last year (12/2022), we have seen a 23.5% increase in PV and a 29.7% increase in UPV; that's quite a fair deal considering how much of a new platform we are.

About Infrastructure

This blog is about everything to do with our infrastructure, including changes and upgrades etc.