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Optimise a new skin for Mobile
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The current Minerva skin is handy, but it isn't optimised for the setup. Several functions are missing, such as the global footer and the global navigation. Hacking the Minerva skin is a bit complicated, and would overwrite our changes on each update of MediaWiki.

As a result, a new skin needs to be created that will incorporate all of these. This would also create a general skin-theme to be used on all wikis that would match, irregardless of the wiki type — in the future, support for darkmode would be added, but at the minute, it will be overrideable in Mobile.css thanks to MobileFrontEnd.

A general ticklist of things (simplified), that this skin would need are:

  • Global Navigation Bar
  • Global Footer
  • Wiki Name (no logo, for simplification)
  • Search Box
  • Wiki Navigation (heavily simplified)
  • Categories
  • Page content

A mockup of what the skin could look like is attatched, drawing emphasis from the FandomMobile skin and the current Minerva skin. This current iteration of the mock-up does not currently contain the navigation bar, and the search bar would expand (at this time), on click. As a result, the skin places a hard dependency on the client having JavaScript enabled in their browser.

WhikiMobile.png (2×390 px, 463 KB)

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